Manage My Lawsuits is a feature-rich case management software that covers all bases, whether you’re a law firm or a solo practitioner. It is tightly focused on the challenges and workflows of law practices in India. The software interface has a clean design, is easy to follow and all the information you need is available on a single platform. Manage My Lawsuits is not over-designed and new features are added only if they can help you be more efficient or address a lesser known challenge.

A tremendous amount of research has gone into designing Manage My Lawsuits. The aim is to provide you the best possible experience. The legal software saves you time and effort, enables you to manage cases in a more organized manner, and collaborate more efficiently, for positive contributions to revenue and brand image.

Great Features That Legal Professionals Will Appreciate

Case or Matter Management

Our case management system has made managing information easier than ever before. Create a case in just a few seconds. The case will create its activity stream as you keep adding information, making updates and attaching documents. Everything comes together seamlessly to provide the big picture systematically.

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Customized Cause List

Generate your High Court cause list in PDF format with just one click. Our legal solutions make creating lists fast and efficient. Easily segregate cases listed in different courts. You can also generate cause lists for your team. Empower everyone to track the schedule of cases to manage their work with utmost efficiency.

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Hearing Dates Management

Identify in advance conflicts in hearing dates falling on the same day. Eliminate last-minute rush to courts. By getting intimated by our automated reminders well ahead of time, you can plan both your work, teamwork in an informed manner. Our legal management for hearing dates will make sure your schedules never clash.

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To-Dos Management

Create tasks with a single click with our law software. They will automatically get synced to the calendar and send you notifications and reminders. This feature is especially helpful if you or your team members set aside a variety of to-do tasks each day. To-dos are indispensable.

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Sync with the courts

Synchronise your case posting dates with Courts. Load publicly available data that is useful to your case. Our case management software will automatically pick up the next hearing date and record. It will also notify you via email and SMS. This efficient data sync saves time and keeps errors at bay.

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Easy Legal Billing / Invoice

Manage My Lawsuits' invoice management simplifies and adds structure to the client invoicing process. Send professional invoices and payment reminders to clients, and view invoice details for each client. Record how payments have been made and generate reports within seconds.

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Legal Documents Management

Documents Management

Upload and download all case-related documents to improve collaboration, storage, security and linking of data across different cases that you can access from anywhere, at any time. And, no one can see your private documents, not even your team members. Our document management system makes it easy.

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Firm and User Management

With our law firm case management software, work allocation and collaboration is as efficient as it can get. Add co-workers/associates to the system within minutes. Assign tasks, create to-dos, store case notes, and stay on top of team activities without expending too much time. Review their login history & other statistics.

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Clients Management

Add any number of clients and their identifiable data. Organise client information in a structured way. Easily and accurately match each legal case with a client. Send emails and invoices to clients, add updates, make changes as and when needed to maintain the exactness of client data with Manage My lawsuits solutions.

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Calendar and Reminders

Our legal case management software integrates a calendar, reminders and notifications just as you would expect from a web-based task management system. Keep track of hearings dates, meetings and tasks with email alerts, text messages (SMS) and alarms sent by the application.

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Notes Management

Fill in notes under each case with the assurance that they will remain there for on-demand reference. Make the notes shareable and improve collaboration on projects. You can create permission-based access to control who gets to see what with our legal solutions services.

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We take your security and privacy very seriously. A two-way authentication system ensures iron-clad security for you in the form of OTP and a requirement for strong passwords. Our SSL-secured online system stores your data in an encrypted format and data transmission is also safe.

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A handy search box allows you an alternate way to find exactly what you're looking for amongst all the data stored. Find all your legal matters easily.

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